“Terry Price is the ideal combination of organized and creative.  Write an article? No problem. Brainstorm ideas as a coach?  Not a worry.  Put together a weekend event?  Easy!  He's amazing.  I learned how wonderful Terry is to work with when he and I co-directed the Writer's Loft and I'm afraid I leaned on his skills a bit heavily.  Besides being organized and creative, he's also smart as all hell.  And funny.  And unfailingly cheerful.  I recommend his work highly.”


Charlotte Rains Dixon

Passionate to Published


“If you are considering working with Terry, then I believe you are at one of those serendipitous crossroads. Bring Terry into to your writing life, let him meet you where you are, and enjoy becoming your writing best.

– Phil Scearce


“There are a few extraordinary people able to weave into your writing lives to influence you, inspire you, motivate you, and make you a better writer. Terry Price is one of those people.  It’s no exaggeration to say that my book would still be a rough manuscript if it weren’t for Terry.

         I was a frustrated writer when I met Terry. I was at a dead end and had shelved my manuscript. My writing efforts were at a complete standstill. Terry met me where I was, creatively, and offered me simple structure and short-term goals. I trusted Terry. His guidance and gentle criticism helped me craft a book from a project that had been going nowhere.

         I firmly believe that there are a lot of good books that never get published and a lot of good writing never reaches its readers. There are serendipitous moments that make the difference between good writing that gets read and good writing that never sees the light of day. Among those moments is the opportunity to choose a mentor who can meet you where you are, right now, and help you along your creative path.  Terry Price is one of those people.  If you are considering working with Terry, then I believe you are at one of those serendipitous crossroads. Bring Terry into to your writing life, let him meet you where you are, and enjoy becoming your writing best.”

Phil Scearce,

Author of Finish Forty and Home winner of the 2010

Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference Award for Literary Excellence.   

“I met Terry through the Writer's Loft program at Middle Tennessee State University. I immediately asked if he would be my mentor and he graciously agreed. Terry is not only a fine gentleman, but also an accomplished writer, an astute teacher, and a great writing coach. He was kind, encouraging, and helpful throughout the semester.  I especially appreciated the detailed and insightful critiques, the overall warmth of personality, and the depth of knowledge that Terry provided with each lesson.

    “As an history and journalism major from Ole Miss I've always wanted to write about the South and Southern history -- maybe one day even write my own novel about life in the South. After serving as Chairman of the Mississippi Civil War Commission my interest in historical creative non-fiction was re-kindled, and I later found myself wanting to write fiction as well. I feel extremely fortunate to have had Terry as my mentor and I highly recommend him, not only for Southern focused work, but for anyone who wants to improve their writing and learn from a real pro.”

Don Sides

Coffeeville, Mississippi and Bellevue, Tennessee

“I first met Terry through the Writer’s Loft at Middle Tennessee State University. He served as my mentor the first year I was in the certificate in creative writing program. His personable style of interaction with me and my work was always thoughtful, engaging and supportive. Terry offers critical feedback to develop the craft and art of writing, and he models this through his own work. I’ll always remember the lecture he gave on the intersection of jazz and writing. It opened my eyes to the multi-disciplinary opportunities for my writing. I now incorporate art, music, video, photography and other multimedia aspects into my writing and allow these to generate new work. Terry’s guidance in the early years of my writing and teaching career has provided an amazing foundation upon which to build, and I am grateful for his continued support and friendship.”

Cheryl A. Hemmerle

Writer, Teacher, Instructional Designer


“Although my fingers moved quickly to type my manuscript, I was a man without a writer's voice. My mentor, Terry Price, cleverly and kindly persuaded me to allow my voice to come through my writing. His guidance unleashed powerful forces within me that allowed for candor, passion and truth. More than that, Terry helped me to achieve fulfillment and a best selling book.”

Ron Firmin, President

Master Financial Services

“ Working with Terry as my mentor in the Writer’s Loft program, I learned the following things:

  1. 1. There is, apparently, a degree of merit in the torrent of words that had been erupting in my head for several years.

  2. 2.There is, without question, value in having someone located outside my head look at those words and help me make them better.

  3. 3.There are delights in sitting with a like-minded soul over a cuppa joe, yakking about writing - mine, his and other people’s - and other stuff that pops up seemingly - though perhaps not - at random.

  4. 4.There are attorneys who don’t fit the lawyer-joke profile - which is, perhaps, why Terry is no longer a practicing attorney.

In addition to his smarts, sense of humor, and kind heart, there’s this: He likes a well-made cocktail and he writes with a fountain pen.

Anything wrong with this picture? I think not.”

David Paine

Blogger, marketer, entrepreneur

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